The EarthLink Web Hosting Control Center

The EarthLink Web Hosting Control Center

This article will focus on the different features and benefits of the new EarthLink Web Hosting Control Center. 


Log in to the EarthLink Web Hosting Control Center at:

Enter your Username and Password and click on login.


Your Username is either your domain name or email address associated with your account.

The Password is what you selected during signup.


Once you log into the Control Center, we recommend you take the Tour. The Tour will highlight 8 sections of the Control Center.



Main page


The Control Center has multiple categories that are organized for certain functions.


Recently Used Applications: Displays the last 3 applications used in the Control Center in the current or previous session.


Quick Access: Directly links to 3 sections of the Control Center.


  1. Add an Email – Takes you to Mail Manager
  2. Advanced Tools –A centralized location for your domain and hosting applications
  3. Create & Manage Your Websites – Takes you to Online Presence Builder, our site builder and more tool


Top Navigation Bar:


Brings you to main page

Same as Create & Manage Your Websites which takes you to Online Presence Builder.

Additional products are displayed for purchase

Provides EarthLink’s support contact information

Direct link to Webmail login page

Username drop down to other sections, such as Users, Advanced Tools, General and Logout




Kindly reference How To create Users in Control Center


  1. Displays a list of all services associated with your account


Advanced Tools


  1. Already covered above, but another way to get to all the important applications




  1. Displays your Username and email associated with your account. Both your Username and Password can be changed here.




  1. Will logout out of the Control Center.




Clicking on “Add an email” will open the Mail Manager application. Mail Manager gives you the ability to easily manage email accounts associated with your domain name or website. With Mail Manager you can configure various email account settings, review email through your preferred email client or email program and access your email accounts via Webmail. Here you can create a new email account, alias account or modify them. You can also modify junk filtering settings, forwarding settings, or other account properties.


For more information on Mail Manager click on the below link:

Web Hosting Manage Email Accounts


Advanced Tools



Advanced Tools comprise of different applications such as Email Marketing, FTP Manager, DNR Manager and more to enhance the website.




This section will give you options to launch various applications. It is divided by category to find related applications easily.



  1. ALL


  1. This view allows you to see all the applications.  You can choose to see less or more.


  1. Web Tools


  1. It has all the website editing tools. For example, WordPress Installer, FTP Manager, etc.


  1. Email


  1. Access all the email related tools such as Mail Manager and Email Marketing.


  1. Social & Promote


  1. SocialStream is now Social Compose and can be found in Webmail. 
  2. EasySiteOptimizer, our standalone SEO tool is now part of our Online Presence Builder as it has SEO integration within the Builder.  


  1. Utilities


  1. This section has all the utility tools such as DNR Manager, Windows Services, phpMyAdmin, and more.


  1. For more information regarding these applications, please see article - Web Hosting Manage Site 


Create and Manage your Website or Websites

The new Online Presence Builder simplifies the website building process. It gives access to a variety of new tools and features to allow you to refresh your website in minutes. You can add slideshows, galleries, product menus, signup forms and much more to capture your audience's attention.


From the drop down please select the domain name website you’d like to edit.  Once you select the domain then click on Edit Site.


The new Online Presence Builder will launch, and you may start designing your website.  Here is a short list of its features and highlights.


  1. New, modern designs. Choose from engaging, SEO-friendly website themes that automatically look great on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
  2. New website elements. We’ve added a ton of new features to add personality to your website. Easily add photo galleries, videos, buttons, Facebook and Twitter widgets, contact forms, appointment scheduling, Google maps, tables and lists and more.
  3. Add pages and layouts. Easily add multiple pages with different layouts such as galleries, menus, FAQ and more.
  4. New modern images. Access a full gallery of modern, professional images, ready to use on your website.


For more information on how to create and manage your website click on the below link:

Online Presence Builder


Under the Websites section, you will also be able to view bandwidth and disk space data along with the number of emails used and created.


The Control Center also provides helpful tools to remind you of our user friendly and effective applications and tools.

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