How to setup an iPad to check EarthLink Email

How to setup an iPad to check EarthLink Email


The following article will show you how to configure your iPad to check EarthLink E-mail.

How to setup an iPad to check EarthLink Email


Click the Settings button.


Click the Other option


Enter in your Name, Email Address, Email Password and a Description name for this Address.  

You can give the Description option any name you like.  A common Description name is simply your Email address.  

Click Save when you are done.


If your iPad is online, it will now attempt to automatically configure your Email settings.  

This may take a couple of minutes.  

If it is successful, it will take you directly to your Inbox on the iPad.  

If it fails you will be asked to manually enter in your EarthLink Email settings.


If your iPad cannot find your server settings automatically, it will ask you to enter them.  

Select the POP option if asked and completely fill out the Incoming and Outgoing Server sections. 

Make sure you use your Full Email address when completing the User Name fields.  

You can find out what your incoming and outgoing server settings are by visiting Email Server Settings 

Click the Save button when you are done.


Your iPad lists your messages under the Inbox Button.  

To display an Email, click the Inbox button and tap the message you want to read.

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