Wireless Home Internet – Trouble Shooting Tips

Wireless Home Internet – Trouble Shooting Tips


Having trouble with your connection?  

First, log onto EarthLink’s Mobile App or website and check to ensure you’ve not reached your data limit. If you’ve reached your data limit, you can either complete a one-time purchase of an additional 5GB or 10Gor change your monthly plan to increase your monthly data limitations.  

If you have not reached your monthly data limitation, you can try a few things:  

Remember, this service functions via cell phone towers and the placement of your router is essential to get the best service 

o        Try moving your router near a window 

o        If your router is already near a window, try moving it to a window on a different side of your home 

o        It is not recommended that you place your router in a basement 

o        It is recommended that you place your router on the main floor of your home near a window in a centralized location 

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