WebMail Platform Update

WebMail Platform Update

KB LANDING PAGE ARTICLE – WebMail C Retirement Landing Page

As part of an ongoing process to update and modernize various EarthLink services, EarthLink will be retiring an older version of WebMail referred to as WebMail C.  This older version of WebMail was left running to provide services to customers who were still running Windows XP and who had older versions of Internet Explorer that could not handle newer code on the updated version of EarthLink WebMail.  As EarthLink is working on new WebMail enhancements for the future and support for Windows XP has ended, EarthLink will be retiring this version of WebMail beginning in November of 2020.  

How Can I tell if I’m using this older version of WebMail?

You can tell if you are using WebMail C by looking at the URL at the top of your browser.  If it shows a “C” in the URL such as https://webmail.c.earthlink.net/ then you are using WebMail C.  

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

You don’t need to do anything in preparation for this change, however it is highly recommended that you review the rest of this article so you will have an understanding of what different in the newer version of WebMail you will be seeing.  You do not need to worry about losing any features as the same features are supported in both versions, but there are some minor changes to graphics and where options like Sign Out are found.  The most notable changes will be found in the Address Book.  

Can I go ahead and make the change right now?

Yes you can.  The option to move to the newer version of WebMail has always existed in the WebMail C version.  You simply need to click on the “Use the new WebMail” option on the top right under your Storage Space bar.  There may be a brief pause while the changes are made, but you will then be automatically moved to the new version.

What is different in this newer version of WebMail?

There are several minor changes to the main “Inbox” view of WebMail beyond just colors and graphics.  The most noticeable changes are detailed below.

Check Mail button location

The Check Mail button has moved from the left-hand column to the top blue horizontal row next to the Web Mail name. 

Write Message button location

The Write Message button has moved from the left hand column to the top blue horizontal row next to the Web Mail name.  It is now simply called Write


SpamBlocker, including the Suspect and Known spam folders, have been moved to their own dedicated section further down your left-hand folder list.   


Address Book link location

The Address Book link has moved from the lower section of the left-hand column to the top blue horizontal row about half way across the page. 


Preferences link location

The Preferences link has moved from the lower section of the left-hand column to just above the blue WebMail header bar on the right side of the page. 

Search Messages link location

The Search Messages link has moved from the lower section of the left-hand column to the blue WebMail header bar in the middle of the page. 

Sign Out link location

The Sign Out link has moved from the lower section of the left-hand column to just above the blue WebMail Header bar on the right side of the page.

Help and Feedback link locations

The Help and Feedback links have moved from the lower section of the left-hand column to just above the blue WebMail header bar on the right side of the page. 


Address Book Link 

The Address Book link will move from the lower left list of links to the top blue WebMail header bar approximately in the middle of the bar itself.


The most noticeable changes are in the Address Book itself as the look and feel has changed a great deal.  The new Address Book is easier to use, but may take a bit of getting used to if you are a active user of the WebMail C Address Book.  As such, we have a dedicated article at https://support.earthlink.net/articles/email/the-new-webmail-address-book.php that details how the new Address Book works. 


Can I stick with the old version of WebMail?

Unfortunately, no.  The coding used to create the C version is out of date and cannot easily be updated to reflect modern safety and security options easily.  At this point, Windows XP has been out of support for 6 years and the C version was maintained specifically for browsers tied to that operating system. 

Are there more plans for WebMail in the future?

We are always looking at ways to update WebMail with new features, but also maintain the experience you know and love.   Sometimes we reach a point where we have to make changes, but we assure you we put a lot of thought into it before making those changes.  There are several new features we would like to add in the future.  

Can I go ahead and move now?

Absolutely!  Just click the Use the New WebMail button to move over. 

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