Updates to MyEarthLink

Updates to MyEarthLink


We made some minor updates to the MyEarthLink Home page to upgrade our primary news provider and to remove non-functioning and/or outdated content and links. The impact should be minimal to your overall experience.

Here is the full list of changes:  

  • Updated the source of the news articles from AP to Reuters. We expect same quality and quantity of news articles from our new vendor. Additionally, all of the news categories will remain intact.
  • Removed the Internet Security Alerts feature because it was outdated.
  • Removed old links from the Travel feature to reduce clutter.
  • Removed broken links from the footer of the page.
  • Temporarily removed Lottery and Puzzles features; however, you can access them now by signing into your page.

*Please note: once you sign in to your myEarthLink Home page, all of your settings and features will remain the same.

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