PeoplePC Portal Updates

PeoplePC Portal Updates

PeoplePC has been a valued part of the EarthLink family since 2002.  As EarthLink looks forward to the future, we are reviewing and updating our various features and services in a cautious and intentional matter.  One area of improvement we found was the need to merge the legacy PeoplePC Portal in with the EarthLink Portal.  This change allows us to manage both portal experiences at the same time and ensures that features are kept in sync for all of our customers.  Maintaining one version of the Portal will allow us to better provide new services while also maintaining the classic features you know and love.   The changes are not meant to completely change the PeoplePC Portal experience, but they will result in minor look and feel changes we want to let you know about.  Most of these are cosmetic color changes and a few tweaks to the names of widgets, but we will also be introducing new features that were not available in the past.  

The biggest change PeoplePC customers will see is the page will visually look a bit different.  However, note that your favorite widgets are all in the same places.  They may just have a slightly different look and new features.  The most notable difference will be the News widget that has been expanded to offer more articles and topic customization.  We’ll cover that more later. 

Comparing Legacy PeoplePC to the New Combined EarthLink & PeoplePC Portal

Overall Design

The old PeoplePC page was designed when computer monitors were smaller and did not take advantage of the full size of a modern widescreen monitor.  The updated page has been designed to automatically resize to fit your monitor without having blue bars wasting space on the sides of the screen.  But don’t worry, if you have a smaller monitor it will still fit your screen accurately.


As you can see in the images above, the look of the page is a bit different.  The most notable difference is the section headers like Email Preview and News have been changed slightly.  Changes to widget names were necessary to merge the PeoplePC and EarthLink Portal experiences. 

Changes in Widget features and Design Comparisons

Here are some examples showing the old PeoplePC version on the left and the updated combined version on the right.  

Directory is now Channels

The Directory list on the left side of the page is now called channels.  You’ll notice they are the same, with the exception of a Entertainment section on the new page. 

Email Preview is now My Email

The updated widget displays more of the subject line of each message so you know if it is something important or something that can wait till later.  Additionally, you can click the “edit” option and select if you want to preview 5 messages or 10 messages.  

News is now News Headlines

News has been vastly expanded to bring you more topics and the ability to customize your topics.  Rather than tabs that could result in your missing an article if not clicked, the top articles under each category are displayed.  

You can click the “edit” to the right of News Headlines to customize your feed.   Just check the topics you are interested in to add them to My Topics and use the arrows to put them in your preferred reading order.  Then click Save Changes. 

Weather is still Weather

Weather’s name doesn’t change, but now you can more than just two locations to your list by clicking the “edit” option and adding in multiple cities.  


Stock Market is now Stock Quotes

Don’t worry, all your customized stocks you follow will be moved over with you.  


The Lottery Widget

The Lottery Widget found on the old PeoplePC portal has been replaced by an updated Lottery page that can be found on the side menu under Channels.


Market Place, eBay and Amazon

The various shopping widgets for Market Place, eBay and Amazon are combined under one Shopping widget that will display deals of the day

Dictionary is now Word of the Day

The Dictionary widget has been replaced by a much more robust and educational Word of the Day widget.  This new widget will share daily new words along with the their definition, history and a short audio file about the word.  You can still search for specific worlds as well using the Search Word feature in the widget. 

Trending Now remains the same name with some very minor tweaks to appearance. 


My Favorite Theaters remains My Favorite Theaters


New Features

Full Page Customization 

With this new look, PeoplePC customers will gain the ability to fully customize their portal experience.  Individual widgets can be added or removed and placed where you want on the page by clicking the Edit Page link on the top right of the page.   The prior experience only let you change preferences in widgets, but now you can control what you see and where you see it. Simply click the Edit Page link on the top right side of the page to make layout changes. 

You can add new widgets using the “Add a feature to this page” drop down or you can remove a widget by selecting it and clicking the delete button between the windows.  If you want to move an article up, down or left or right on the page, simply click it and use the arrows to move it where you like.   Make sure you click Save Changes when you are done.

New Reminders Widget

The Reminders widget allows you to mark holidays, birthdays or other special occasions and have them included on your Portal page.

Hopefully this article helps you understand the changes that have been made to your PeoplePC Portal Experience.  We know it may be a bit of a surprise the first time you see the new page, but we are confident you will like the changes once you are used to the new look and feel.    

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