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More Email Space (MES)

EarthLink More Email Space is a premium email service that allows EarthLink customers to expand their mailbox capacity with additional storage (in addition to the default storage as dictated by their billplan).  Extra storage can be used to store more email and email attachments on the EarthLink servers.

The Default amount of storage space on the server for an EarthLink Email Address is 100 MB.  EarthLink Customers can increase their storage space to one of the following three levels.

  1. 500mb/One Email Address = For $1.95 a month, you can add 500 MB additional storage for 1 mailbox
  2. 2000mb/One Email Address = For $3.95,  a month, you can add  2000 MB of additional storage for 1 mailbox
  3. 3000mb/Multiple Email Addresses = For $4.95 a month, you can add  3000 of additional storage for each active mailboxes under a single account.  This means if you had an internet account with 8 email addresses on it, each address would have 3000 MB of storage added to them.  (Restricted to customers who have an Internet Connection product or who are purchasing software through EarthLink as part of a monthly service.  3000 MB of storage is restricted to consumer products only and is not available to EarthLink Business or Web Hosting customers at this time.) 

Frequently Asked Questions about More Email Space

How do I sign up for More Email Space?

How to add More Email Space using My Account for a walk through of how to add More Email Space to your account using EarthLink's MyAccount page.

How do I reduce or get rid of my More Email Space?

How to add More Email Space using My Account for an article on how you can remove, add or edit More Email Space on your account.  

Does More Email Space change the maximum size of attachments I can send via email?

No.  More Email Space only increases the maximum amount of email that can be stored on the server.  Attachments are limited in size to 20MB.

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