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Introduction to Web Hosting Webmail 7


Webmail allows you to perform a variety of email related tasks, such as viewing, composing, sending email messages, email forwarding and changing spam filter settings and more. 

Webmail 7.0 feature highlights.

Stay Organized with TaskBox 

 Create and edit tasks with varying priority, list subtasks and include notes and attachments.

 Add due dates and configurable reminders.

 Sort tasks by views including Due Today, This Week, Later, Shared, No Due Date, and Create Date.

 Add custom tags to tasks for simple sorting and customizable views.

 Add emails to TaskBox in one-click from your Inbox.

 Add collaborators to be notified by email

Multi-Inbox Support

 Connect and manage external email accounts (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) through your Webmail Inbox.

Attachment View

 View and download received attachments in one list and sort by date, sender, file type and more.


To access the new Webmail 7.0 login to or login to EarthLink Control Center and click on Mail Manager.



Primary Menu


The primary navigation is statically located on the left-hand side of the screen. Inside this navigation bar, you can access all of Webmail’s major feature-sets, such as the following:


  • Mail - This option takes you to your inbox .You can view the contents of other mail folders, such as the Junk E-mail, Trash, Drafts and Sent mail folders. You can also reply to, forward or compose e-mail messages. This interface also allows you to view external email accounts if any (, Gmail).


  • Calendar - Selecting this option takes you to an electronic calendar/day planner, which can be used to keep track of events such as birthday parties, meetings and appointments.


  • Task Box - Webmail provides a Task list to help you prioritize tasks, set calendar events and quickly turn emails into tasks. You can also tag your tasks to help you sort and search for relevant tasks.

  • Contacts - This option takes you to your contact list, also known as an address book. In this interface, you can view, edit, add or delete entries in your contact list. You can also Import and/or Export contacts on this section. 
  • Preferences - In the preferences interface, you can change your account configuration, change your password, modify SPAM filter settings, set up mail forwarding, create auto reply messages and more.

The Webmail Preferences section allows you to manage the following options:


  • Mail
  • General - The General mail settings allows you to specify default settings, such as view mode, font style, indent options for reply/forward messages, your preferred language and date and time format.
  • Advanced – this section allows you to specify default settings and behavior for your email.
  • Account Security - this section allows you to change your Webmail password or create/modify your security question.
  • Accounts - allows you to display emails from a platform other than Webmail, such as, Gmail or Hotmail.
  • Spam – this section allows you to set the spam filtering options for your email account.
  • Auto Reply – this section allows you to automate a reply with a pre-written message to all or certain email messages sent to your email account.
  • Message Filters – this section allows you to set up certain rules and conditions for your incoming email messages. For example, you may want to move emails from a specific email address, subject etc into a specific folder.
  • Signatures – this section allows you to setup certain create and manage your signatures.
  • Highlighting – this section allows you to set highlighting parameters to help filter through emails.
  • Image Rules – this section allows you to specify settings for incoming image attachments.
  • Data Usage – this section displays statistical information about your account. This section includes information about the amount of disk space used, as well as a breakdown based on activity.
  • Calendar
  • General – this section allows you to specify default settings and views, as well as create sharing links and add default locations.
  • Mobile
  • General – this section explains how to synchronize your mobile device to Webmail.

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