HyperLink VZ Gateway Troubleshooting

HyperLink VZ Gateway Troubleshooting


The first thing to check is whether your Gateway is powered on and it is connected to the Internet. Check the Power/Internet light on the front of the Gateway; if it is lit a solid white color, then the Gateway itself has successfully connected to the Internet, and the problem lies elsewhere. If the Power/Internet light is red, the Gateway is on but is unable to connect to the Internet. In that case, check the WAN cable (Ethernet or Coax) connecting your Gateway to the Internet to make sure it is properly connected on both ends.

  1. Be sure your wireless device is within range of your Wi-Fi Gateway, move it closer to see if your connection improves. 
  2. Check your network device’s Wi-Fi settings to be sure your device’s Wi-Fi is on (enabled) and that you have the correct Wi-Fi network and password (if using a Wi-Fi password) as  configured on your Gateway.
  3. Be sure you are connecting to the correct Wi-Fi network, check to be sure you are using your Gateway’s ESSID. In some cases, if using a wireless password, you may need to enter the Wi-Fi password into your network device again to be sure your device accepts the password.
  4. Check to be sure you are running the latest software for your network device.
  5. Try turning your network device’s Wi-Fi off and on and try to connect.
  6. If you have made any changes in your network settings and turning your network device’s Wi-Fi off and on does not help, try to restart your network device.
  7. As a final tip you may need to turn your gateways’ Wi-Fi settings from on to off, and back to on again and apply the changes


If your Gateway connection is lost while making configuration changes, a setting that locks access to your Gateway’s GUI may have inadvertently been activated. The common ways to lock access to your Gateway are:

  1. Using the tip of a ballpoint pen or pencil, press and hold the Reset button on the back of your Gateway for three seconds.
  2. Access the GUI and navigate to the Advanced Settings page. Select the Restore Defaults option. After saving your configuration, if desired, click the Restore Defaults button. For additional details, refer to the Restore Defaults section of this guide.


To troubleshoot a LAN connection failure:

  1. Verify your Gateway is properly installed, LAN connections are correct, and that the Gateway and communicating network devices are all powered on.
  2. Confirm that the computer and Gateway are both on the same network segment. If unsure, let the computer obtain the IP address automatically by initiating the DHCP function, then verify the computer is using an IPv4 address within the default range of through If the computer is not using an IP address within the correct IP range, it will not connect to your Gateway.
  3. Verify the subnet mask address is set to


Verify the following:

  1. All computers are working properly.
  2. IP settings are correct.
  3. Gateway is on and connected properly.
  4. Gateway settings are the same as the computer.


Flash Speed

  1. Slow flash – Two times per second
  2. Fast flash – Four times per second

Power/Internet Light

  1. Slow flash white – Gateway is starting
  2. Solid white – Gateway is powered on and connected to the
  1. Internet
  2. Slow flash red – Gateway has malfunctioned
  3. Solid red – Unable to connect to the Internet
  4. Fast flash red – Gateway is overheating. Please verify your Gateway is upright and has sufficient ventilation

Wireless Light

  1. Solid white – Wi-Fi is on

Additional Functions when pressing WPS button:

  1. Slow flash white – When the WPS button is pressed, the Wireless Light slowly flashes white, while waiting for a WPS device to connect. This can require up to two minutes.
  2. Fast flash white – When a device begins connecting to the Gateway using WPS, the Wireless Light fast flashes white for two seconds as establishing connection.
  3. Solid white – When a device successfully completes its WPS association to the Gateway, the Wireless Light returns to solid white.
  4. Fast flash red –If an error occurs during Wi-Fi Protected Setup, the Wireless Light flashes red rapidly for two minutes.


Flash Speed

  1. Slow flash – Two times per second
  2. Fast flash – Four times per second

WAN Ethernet

  1. Unlit – Indicates no Ethernet link
  2. Solid green – Indicates a network link
  3. Fast flash green – Indicates network activity. The traffic can be in either direction.

LAN Ethernet – Upper LED

  1. Unlit – Indicates no 1 Gbps link
  2. Solid green – Indicates 1 Gbps link
  3. Fast flash green – Indicates LAN activity. The traffic can be in either direction.

LAN Ethernet – Lower LED

  1. Unlit – Indicates no 10/100 Mbps link
  2. Solid green – Indicates 10/100 Mbps link
  3. Fast flash green – Indicates LAN activity. The traffic can be in either direction.

LAN Coax

  1. Unlit – Indicates no MoCA network connection to the device
  2. Solid green – Indicates network link WAN Coax
  3. Unlit – Indicates no link to the upstream MoCA device
  1. Solid green – Indicates network link

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