How To Setup Mozilla Thunderbird

How To Setup Mozilla Thunderbird

How to set up Mozilla Thunderbird to send and receive emails


You will need the server settings for your e-mail address. Go to EarthLink Server Settings// to get these settings.


Open up Mozilla Thunderbird.

Note: If you have never configured, or used, your Mozilla Thunderbird email program, at this point the Account Wizard will open automatically. In such a situation, go directly to step 4.


From the Tools drop down select Account Settings


From the Account Settings window, click on the Add Accounts.. button.


The Account Wizard will open. Select Email Account and click Next.


Type your name and your email address in the corresponding boxes.


Select POP as your incoming server, and type your Incoming mail server (POP) in the Incoming Server box.


If you plan to add another email account later, uncheck Use Global Inbox.


In the Outgoing Server box type and click Next.


Enter your incoming and outgoing user names. These names are almost always the same. They are usually the first part of your email address. (ex: The user name for is johndoe.) When the user names have been entered, click Next.


Enter the account name for which you would like to refer to this email account. This name can be anything you want such as "Home", "Work", "John Doe's Email", etc.


Verify all the information is correct and click Finish.


Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) and then click Edit on the right side of the window.


Type 587 in the Port: box.


Make sure the Use Name and Password box is checked. Then type your FULL email address in the User Name box.


Click on OK to exit out of the SMTP Server window, then click OK to exit out of the Account Settings window.


To manually check your email, click on Get Mail. A box will appear asking for your password. Type it in and click on Use Password Manager to remember this password if you wish Thunderbird to use your password automatically from then on.


When you send an email, Thunderbird will ask for your password again. Type it in and save it to be used automatically by Thunderbird if you wish.

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