Control Center - Domain Monitor

Control Center - Domain Monitor


This article will walk you through the process of using Domain Monitor and how to add Domain Monitor using the control center.

Getting Started

Login to the Control Center -

Click on Advanced Tools and access the Domain Monitor application

Introduction of Domain Monitor

Domain Monitor is a monitoring tool that continually monitors the daily status of any domain and sends daily email alerts when one or more of your domains change its status. Based on the domain you have chosen to monitor, it will notify you when it is available for purchase.

What can I do with Domain Monitor?

  • Set domain status like "registrar-lock", "redemption-period", and "pending-delete" changes will be sent to you so you can take action when your favorite domains are about to be released
  • Detects Domain Registrar changes as this is a sign that the domain has been transferred
  • Expiration dates are monitored so you will know when a domain has been renewed
  • Domain Name Server changes also trigger email alerts
  • Email alerts are sent whenever a change occurs on one of the domains you are monitoring

Note: Domain Monitor only supports the following TLDs at this time: .com, .net

Using Domain Monitor

Upon opening the app, you will see the domain(s) being monitored in a table. They will provide the following information: the email address notices are sent to, the domain registrar, the expiry date and notifications of detected changes.

On the far right, you will notice a blue cog. Clicking on it allows you to edit the domain as well as the email address associated with notifications.

Change your domain name

  1. Select the blue cog on the far right of the table
  2. Next, select Edit Domain Name
  3. Type in a new domain and select Save

Note: If you change the domain name, all data for the current domain will be lost. The data for the new monitored domain will be available upon the next scheduled domain check.

Change Recipient Email

  1. Select the blue cog on the far right of the table
  2. Select Edit Email Address
  3. You will be prompted to enter a new email address
  4. After entering the new email address, select Save


The domain details and notifications page will give you the option to change your recipient of email notifications, change the domain name and refresh the page to check for new notifications.

Reviewing notifications

  1. Under Notices you will see the number of notifications for each domain you have added to Domain Monitor
  2. To review the notifications, select New. This will take you to the notifications page where you can view detected changes
  3. Unopened notifications: will be highlighted blue. Select a highlighted notification to view it, you will receive a pop-up that lets you know which domain has become available.
  4. Registry Status: You will also notice the Registry Status which explains the various statuses associated to your domain. They are clickable and will provide further information on your status. This will help protect your domain's registration status.

Adding domains

In the right corner of the table, you can select the Add Domain button and follow the steps to register a new/existing domain from the SHOP section of the Control Center.

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