Configuring Email on iPhone

Configuring Email on iPhone

How do I check my EarthLink email on my iPhone


EarthLink Mobile Mail

EarthLink’s Mobile Web Mail page offers a quick way to check your email from any web enabled phone without having to configure any software.  Just point your phone’s browser towards and login with your EarthLink email address and password.  You will be able to check your email as well as send messages directly from the Mobile Web Mail page.

iPhone Email Client

You can also setup your iPhone’s email client to check your email directly.  In order to get started, you’ll need to know your EarthLink email server settings in case you are prompted for them during your iPhone email software setup.



Other EarthLink Domains

POP Server

pop.(your domain)

POP Server Authentication

Full email address and password

Full email address and password

Full email address and password

POP Port




SMTP Server

SMTP authentication

Full email address and password

Full email address and password

Full email address and password





EarthLink’s Incoming POP Server is based on your email address’ domain.  This is the only setting that is unique to your email address.  The format is pop.(your domain).  For example an address would be

EarthLink’s SMTP Email server is the same for all EarthLink email addresses regardless of what domain you have.  The outgoing SMTP server will always be  This server will require you to authenticate with your full email address and password.  Some email clients may require you to check an option that states your email server requires authentication.

EarthLink’s Outgoing SMTP Email server may require you to change your email software’s outgoing SMTP port to 587.  In most cases, your phone will do this automatically.  However, if you are having problems sending mail, look for your phone’s advanced email settings and change the outgoing port to 587.  If you are unable to change your outgoing mail server port or if you are unable to send email using the EarthLink outgoing email server, you will need to contact your wireless provider for assistance configuring your device with an outgoing mail server that will work on your wireless provider’s network.

Now that you know your settings, follow the steps below to setup your iPhone.

iPhone EarthLink Email Setup


Go to Settings


Click on Passwords & Accounts.


Tap Add Account


Select Other


Click Add Mail Account


Enter details in the Name, Address, Password and Description fields.

After the details have been filled, Click Next on top right.

Note:  Your iPhone will now try and automatically determine your remaining settings.  If it is unable to find them, you will need to fill out the following screens.


Select the POP option in order to get the Account Information screen

  • If needed, enter your Name, email address and description again (should be filled out already) and then scroll down to the Incoming Mail Server section.


  • Incoming Mail Server

1.Host Name –

2.User Name – Your full email address

3.Password – Your EarthLink email address password (case sensitive)


  • Outgoing Mail Server

1.Host Name – (regardless of what domain you have in your email address)

2.User Name – Your full email address

3.Password – Your EarthLink email address password (case sensitive)

Click Save on the top right and you’re done.

Note: If you receive a message – “Cannot Connect Using SSL – Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?” – Click Yes.

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