How to add More Email Space using My Account

How to add More Email Space using My Account

This article will walk you through adding More Email Space to your consumer access account using EarthLink's MyAccount page.

There are three plans you can chose from.

  1. +1000 MB:  This will add 1000 MB of additional storage to a single email address.
  2. +2 GB:  This will add 2 GB of additional storage to a single email address.
  3. +3 GB:  This will add 3 GB of additional storage to all of your mailboxes for one low monthly price.

Additionally, you can follow these directions to alter or unsubscribe from a More Email Space plan.

To Add More Email Space

1. First, go to EarthLink MyAccount and login with your primary EarthLink email address and password.

2. Click on the My Plan Details link on the left side of the page.

Note:  If you have more than one account with EarthLink click the email address associated with the account you want upgrade. 
If you only have one account, you will be taken into the Email Profiles page.
3. In the middle of the page you will see a Subscribed Services section.  You will see a section called Additional Email Space.  Click the Edit link across from the Email address you want to change.

4. Select the radial button next to the plan you wish to select.  Your options are 1000 MB for a single email address or 2 GB for a single email address.  If you selected the primary email address for your account, there will also be a  3 GB for each of your email addresses option.  There is also an Unsubscribe* option.

You can unsubscribe from More Email Space at anytime, but returning to this page and selecting the Unsubscribe option.  Additionally, you can return to this page and upgrade or down grade how much space you want by selecting the appropriate option. *

*If you are reducing your email space below the amount of mail already waiting to be downloaded, mail sent to you will bounce until you delete enough mail to be within your new space allowance.

5. This section only applies if you are Unsubscribing or downgrading from 3 GB of storage to a lower level of storage.  If you are upgrading to a higher level of storage, continue to the next section.

If you unsubscribe from the 3 GB plan you will be given a chance to select to add 500 MB or 2 GB to any individual email addresses under your plan.  Simply check the box next to the email address you want to change.  If you don't want to increase mail for any individual email addresses, just leave the boxes under none checked.

6. Click the Continue button.

7. You will be asked to confirm your selection.  Click the Confirm Email Space Change button if you have made the correct selection.  If you need to go back and change your selection, click the Back button.

8. The next screen will confirm the options you have selected.  Click the OK button to finish.

9. Allow at least 20 minutes for all changes to take effect.

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